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Designing for television shows has always been something I'm very interested in because it combines two of my passions, designing and watching television. I have always thought its interesting how we are so quick to associate certain typefaces, graphics, and colours with specific television shows and movies. Combining photography, film and design is a skill I admire and a skill I intend to learn. Creating trailers, featurettes, promos, posters and concept art is something Would love to do in the future. Imaginary Forces is a design studio known for creating title sequences for television and movies which is a project that combines film and type which I find very interesting. Imaginary Forces is a creative company specializing in 
visual storytelling and brand strategy. They make design-driven content for a wide range of partners and projects.Their title sequences for ‘Threads’, ‘Anne with an E’, and Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ in specific were projects that drew me to their work as a studio.

They also work with TV channel branding which is a another area I think is interesting. MTVs channel branding and graphics have always stood out to me. They have bold imagery, bright colors and a pop art aesthetic that I have always enjoyed. Like MTV I want to be able to create work with a very specific style and can be easily recognizable. Prologue is another design studio whose work I am drawn to. They are similar to Imaginary forces in that they work on title sequences and concept art. Their work on trailers and title sequences for Salem, American crime story , Of kings and prophets, and Limitless stood out to me. They have a very specific style when they create title sequences and it is usually macro filming where they zoom in on specific objects and create very detailed shots which I really like.