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The stranger things branding and identity (including the typeface, intro and graphics) has become increasingly famous and I wanted to do some research as to why. Stranger Things’s opening credits are an ‘ode to 80s typography’. The shows title appears only after the credits go through the zoomed in outlines of the main title, the lines of the Stranger Things that make up the letters glowing like the red neon bars of a Motel sign. The intro designers used cinematic and typographic techniques to build suspense in the shows intro. The glowing red lines enter the frame and at first they are abstract. Viewers might think they’re simple lines and shapes at first, but soon viewers realize it’s a close-up of the joint of N, the arc of R, the spine of S, all interesting details of ITC Benguiat, the font associated with Stranger Things. They’re so zoomed in you can make out individual specks of film grain.

An extreme close-up is a cinematic technique that when used rarely and with intent can invoke intense emotion from the viewer, especially paired with the music and bright neon colours it definitely evokes suspense. The man who designed ITC Benguiat, the typeface used in the Stranger Things title and logo is considered one of the type industry’s best and oldest designers. Ed Benguiat has created more than 600 fonts, most of which are still used using a standard word processor. He also designed some of the most famous and celebrated logos and movie titles of the 20th century. The Stranger Things logo is inspired by Stephen King’s book covers and posters. The show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer sent copies of King’s novels and covers to Imaginary Forces, the creative studio behind the title sequence.