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Fan art is the future of poster design. Creating fan art is a popular way for regular fans and unprofessional artists to show their love for certain characters and stories. Websites such as DeviantArt or ArtStation are popular arenas for fans to post work showing their interest in TV shows, movies, books and even games. Although most fan art comes from teenagers looking to get creative and have fun, It can also get the industry’s attention, as the Twitter hashtag #fanartgotmepaid shows. The #fanartgotmepaid has several benefits including being noticed by a studio and big clients, being recognized for your work by the actual creators of the characters and stories, and the hope that your art might actually make the cut and be featured as promotional designs for the show. To give their seal of approval to fan art and find out how good it actually is, several artists and creative directors checked out the Twitter hashtag #fanartgotmepaid.

Bannon Rudis is one artist who joined in the hashtag. He created promotional art and designs for the TV series Stranger things and posted it to twitter.Soon after, David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper in the show, came across and shared his work to twitter and the artist gained a large following. A year later Netflix found his work and paid him to create promotional art for the second series of Stranger Things. Bannon Rudis just claimed he was designing for the right thing at the right time.

“If you want to get noticed, honestly, do what is popular,” says Rudis. “Look up popular hashtags to see if anything in that top ten that's trending is something you love. If so, hop on that train and get to drawing.”