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AN 'E'


The foundation of this title sequence was several oil paintings by artist Brad Kunkle and was then edited by Imaginary Forces, a production studio mentioned in the Intro article, which was responsible for other noteworthy title sequences such as mad men and Jessica Jones. Kunkle painted the actor Amybeth McNulty, who plays Anne, based on reference photos taken from when they were shooting the show. After Kunkle finished the paintings, Alan Williams, the Imaginary Forces creative director, and his team projected Kunkle's paintings onto 3D digital models to edit the sequence. A lot of thought has gone into he title sequence itself as it is very symbolic and has several elborately thought out hidden elements. The paintings and therefore the title sequence moves through every season, starting in winter and ending in fall. Williams wanted the transition of seasons to symbolize Anne's emotional journey through the show. Winter is meant to symbolize her
"dismal, dark past in the asylum, and different horrible and abusive homes, and more beautiful seasons, representing when she’s in Green Gables with Matthew and Marilla."

Towards the beginning the winter scenes, there's an upside down sparrow that appears and by the final fall scenes, the sparrow is right-side up. This too is a detail that symbolizes Anne's journey. The bird itself is a metaphor for Anne, as birds are known to have a sixth sense and know where to fly and which path to take. The quotes etched into the trees are from the book by Montgomery which the show is based on. ‘My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.’’Will you swear to be my friend forever and ever?’ Words carved into trees, is a common symbol Kunkle paints in his work and is meant to represent the growth of love over time. The use of animals in the sequence, the fox, owl, and hummingbird, are all animals native to Prince Edward Island (the setting of the show), and are meant to represent different parts of Anne's personality. The fox, alone when the sequence starts, symbolizes Anne’s loneliness and reliance on herself. The owl representss her fierceness. The hummingbird is included as a

"harbinger of joy, like Anne is to her friends. Towards the spring, Anne pinky-swears with herself representing her connection with and acceptance of the two different sides of herself."