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When FX revealed the premiere of the tv series Atlanta in 2016, Atlanta locals and fans of the city were apprehensive and doubtful about the way their city would be represented. They were worried that, like many shows before it, Atlanta wouldn't portray the city as it is but would instead glorify it.They were worried the show wouldn't portray the city authentically and it would be, like the series Made in Georgia, a tax-incentivized production decision. However after the plot was revealed in the first episode the Atlanta city locals knew the show was going to be authentic. The show follows two cousins attempting to make money and get famous through one of the cousins music careers and hence it became evident early on in the pilot that the show would find is definitely rooted in Atlanta and the city will play a large role in the show. Donald Glover, creator and cast member, and director Hiro Murai made sure to portray the different areas and levels of class, wealth and poverty, and demographics that make up Atlanta. The pilot’s opening credits itself shows the viewers an accurate depiction of what the city is like. The credits are a montage of drone footage which depicts the layout of Atlanta, making evident its range of neighborhoods and regions.

The Atlanta class system introduced effectively and accurately without any script or monologues to tell us what and where the show is about. One of the clips that is easily depicts these neighborhood variations is the clip of a rich suburban cul-de-sac followed up with a clip of a burned down house. Another aspect of the opening credits that is interesting is that for every episode the typography and typeface for the name of the show stays the same, but in every episode it is incorporated very differently and carefully into the setting of the show. For example in the first episode the title is displayed with the Atlanta city skyline in the background to introduce us to the city. In the second episode when one of the characters get arrested, the title is printed onto one of the walls in the precinct. While in the sixth episode when portraying an upscale neighborhood, the title is embroidered onto a table cloth. This design of the title takes us by surprise and gives us an over view of different parts of the city. Overall, the show lives up to its name and viewers and Atlanta city locals and lovers are happy with the realistic and down to earth portrayal of their city.