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in 2015, Marvel’s Daredevil premiered on Netflix followed by several other new Netflix Marvel superhero series. Netflix’s Marvel series’ are dark, violent and unlike anything in Marvel’s big screen counterparts. The opening sequence itself sets us up for a more dark show with a completely red title sequence that portrays Hell’s Kitchen in New York drowning in blood. The sequence was produced by the filmmaking collective Elastic. Elastic is known for some of the most popular and detailed opening sequences including Game of Thrones to True Detective. Patrick Clair, creative head of Antibody mentions that the
“The toxic poison that blinds Daredevil in his youth was a large part of the inspiration to go towards liquid and gooey,”
which explains why the whole intro is dripping with a red gooey substance. The idea behind the sequence was how Daredevil would experience New York through sound, and that came down to recreating the details Hell’s Kitchen. Hence they wanted some imagery in it that related back to Hell’s Kitchen for example the water tower, bridges and skyscrapers. The symbolism behind the red substance is that they city is drowning in blood or sin and eventually Daredevil comes to the rescue.

The show is not only about Daredevil and his character, but about Hell's kitchen and how he protects the neighbourhood he loves. The form of Daredevil himself was the big reveal at the end of the sequence. The opening sequence chose not to to copy the costume he wears in the show, hence it didn’t become a literal depiction of the character but more of a representation that fits in with the other imagery of the sequence, he was designed to look like the other church statues that were portrayed in the sequence and is symbolic of him being a part of the city.

“I think that makes the title sequence feel really whole and feel like its speaking more to the themes of the story and the motivations of the character, rather than just the nuts and bolts of the design”.
The intro draws several parallels between the blind Lady Justice and the Daredevil’s own condition through the statues as well as the catholic imagery. Daredevil was the first Marvel TV series to air on Netflix and was followed shortly by others such as Jessica Jones and recently the defenders. They’re all known for their highly impressive, intriguing and unique opening sequences.